Miller Technology High School

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About our school

Miller Technology High School is a comprehensive, co-educational high school, situated in the south west of Sydney in a diverse and culturally rich community. The school population is about 675 with over 78% of students from non-English speaking backgrounds. An Intensive English Centre on site provides English instruction and cultural orientation for new arrivals and refugees, who represent a growing proportion of the local community. Over 80% of IEC graduates enter the main school to complete their school education. Key school priorities include literacy and numeracy as well as a clear focus on vocational education opportunities. These key programs are supported by significant equity funding and innovative, high quality teaching. A relentless focus on enhancing educational outcomes for all students has resulted in impressive value-added growth in these key learning areas. The school has built a strong learning platform based on our core values of respect, responsibility and harmony. Authentic productive partnerships have been developed with community organisations and businesses. Technology is a strength across the school and in specialist programs like automotive engineering. Microsoft Australia is our partner in learning and in 2010 the school was selected as a pilot school in the national Innovative Schools program.

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